Integrated 3 to 6 cell Li-Ion Battery System


Integrated 3 to 6 cell Li-Ion Battery System

Space Inventor

The BAT-6 is a 3 to 6 cell Lithium-Ion battery system
designed for battery life-time, easy integration, and safety.
With a total of 8 different battery configurations and up to
59 Wh capacity, the BAT-6 is both flexible enough and
sufficiently powerful for most nano- and small-satellite
The automatic balancing circuit maximizes battery lifetime,
and the automatic heater ensures optimal operational
battery environment at all times. Short-circuit and
over/under voltage detection circuits protects the batteries
from damage. To accommodate different launch vehicle
requirements, each module has connectors for both soft
and hard inhibits.
The BAT-6 comes in a rugged and modular 1.5 mm Al
enclosure, which both acts as on-orbit radiation mitigation
as well as a practical short-circuit protection during
satellite assembly.
An always-on ultra-low-power Real Time Clock provides
timer-continuity during satellite shutdown.

●3, 4, 5, or 6 Li-Ion 18650 cells
●Automatic Cell balancing
●Short-circuit protection
●Over- and under-voltage protection
●Always-on ultra-low-power Real Time Clock
●Microcontroller for housekeeping and control
●CAN bus with CSP protocol
●Heater with automatic control
●High-reliability Micro-D connectors
●2 Battery Bus connectors
●2 inhibit connectors for either insert-before-flight
 or separation switches:
 -High-side and low-side raw battery
 -High-side and low-side MOSFET with
 external control lines
● Reliability
 -Radiation total dose tested EEE parts
 -Vibration rated for all launch vehicles
 -Redundant inhibit MOSFETs
●High-quality Enclosure
 -Min. 1.5 mm Al Shielding in all directions
 -PC-104 compatible mounting holes