Versatile Onboard Computing Platform


Versatile Onboard Computing Platform

Space Inventor

The OBC-M7 is an onboard computing platform consisting
of two independent ARM Cortex-M7 modules, each with
separate power supply, interfacing, and storage. The dual
architecture makes the OBC-M7 a suitable choice for
hot/cold redundancy solutions often desired for mission
critical subsystems, such as T&C, GNC, or management of
valuable payloads. The application of the OBC-M7 is further
enhanced by the powerful DSP functionality provided with
the Cortex-M7 architecture, which makes it possible to port
heavy floating-point processing such as ADCS or RvD
algorithms without severe performance penalties and
error-prone quantization. If redundancy is not required, the
OBC-M7 provides a advantageous platform for combining
different subsystem functionality, such as ADCS and T&C,
in a compact form-factor.

●Two fully independent onboard computer modules
 in shared enclosure.
●2x ARM® Cortex-M7 Main Processing Units
 -Powerful DSP instructions
 -Double precision hardware FPU
 -Upto 300 MHz operating frequency
 -Real-time OS incl. hardware drivers,
  filesystem and IDE
 -Real-time clock, watch-dogs, etc.
 -2x1 64 MB FLASH (NOR) mass storage
 -2x1 4 Mbit FRAM application memory
 -2x2 RS485/RS422 UART
 -2x2 RS485 CAN
 -2x2 I2C
 -2x4 GPIO
●Onboard power conditioning with 3.3 - 28 V input
 -Radiation total dose tested EEE parts
 -Vibration rated for all launch vehicles
●High-Quality Enclosure
 -Min. 1.5 mm Al shielding in all directions
 -PC-104 compatible mounting holes