6 Channel Maximum Power Point Tracker and Battery Charger

Power supply system

6 Channel Maximum Power Point Tracker and Battery Charger

Space Inventor

The MPPT-6 is a six channel maximum power point tracker
and battery charger module, designed for durable, simple
and robust satellite integration. The system consists of six
variable frequency DC-DC converters that ensure optimal
operating voltage for each solar cell array at all
temperatures and irradiance levels. After conversion, the
channels are combined through ideal diodes to minimize
loss, and connected to the battery output.
A configurable end-of-charge setting, will stop charging at
a certain voltage level in order to prolong battery life. When
components reach end-of-life, a pass-through mechanism
will route the solar output directly to the battery bus,
whereby functionality is not entirely lost. Likewise, if the
on-board MCU is disabled, each MPPT channel has a fixed
voltage fallback.
Housekeeping data for all channels are available through
CSP telemetry. Appreciating that the solar panels are often
combined with external sun and temperature sensors, each
solar panel connector are equipped with a protected
battery connection and CAN bus interface.

●4-12 Solar cells per string
●1-2 solar cell strings per channel (using external
 combiner diodes)
●6 Variable frequency DC-DC buck converters with
 maximum power point tracking controller
 -Up to 94% Efficiency
●Protected battery output to panel mounted
 -Up to 2A output
 -Programmable overcurrent and latch-up
 -Advanced power metering
●Microcontroller for housekeeping and control
●CAN bus with CSP protocol
●High-reliability Micro-D connectors
●2 Battery Bus connectors
 -Thermal heat sinking by flush-mounted
PCB on 2.5mm Al
 -Radiation total dose tested EEE parts
 -Vibration rated for all launch vehicles
●High-quality Enclosure
 -Min. 1.5 mm Al Shielding in all directions
 -PC-104 compatible mounting holes