CUBECAT Laser communication terminal
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CUBECAT Laser communication terminal

Hyperion Technologies

CubeCAT is a compact, high-performance lasercommunication terminal for use in CubeSats and small satellites.
CubeCAT is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. This system suits commercial CubeSat applications well, with modest size- and power requirements and no licensing requirements, but also meets the increasing need for high data rates in small satellites, through offering a large data rate with a small volume terminal.
The CubeCAT is part of the CubeCAT Lasercom system and is the result of a joint effort by Hyperion and TNO.
Hyperion Technologies’ proven iADCS technology, digital processing technology and experience in electronic systems for space in general will be applied in the CubeCAT system to create a system that is efficient, robust and easy to use both for the satellite developer and the satellite operator.
TNO is a research institute with a strong heritage in optics for space applications, including laser communication.

• Fully integrated Lasercom module
• Data rate:
o Downlink: 1 Gbps
o Uplink: 200 kbps
• On-module data buffering
• Interfaces to Cubesat: USB 3.0, I2C
• No regulatory certification requirements for both space segment and ground station
• ITAR-free
• Small size: <1U
• Low power:
o Peak: ~15W
o Orbit average: <1W
• Low cost-per-bit

Please refer to the document.
HT_CubeCat_v2.0 flyer