IM200 Optical Imager
IM200 flyer v2.1


IM200 Optical Imager

Hyperion Technologies

The IM200 Series smart optical imager is a low mass, low power, general purpose imager aimed at providing medium resolution imaging capability to small platforms, such as nano-satellites. It offers on-board image compression and holds a frame-buffer which can contain up to 25 full frame raw images.
The default version uses USB2.0 for image transfers, which presents itself to the host system as a mass storage device.
The IM200 is also suitable for applications on larger satellite platforms. For these applications, additional interfaces, power supply ranges and optics are available.

• 4 Megapixel imager
• > 30 MPixel/s scan rate
• 16 mm F1.2 or 25, 35, 50 mm F2.0 lens
• USB2.0 480 Mbps high speed image transfer interface. Medium speed RS422/RS485 is optional.
• TTL UART command interface.
USB, RS422, RS485, I²C are optional
• Monochrome and RGB versions available
• Radiation tolerance qualified up to 9 krad (Si) for all components1.
• Plug-and-play design
• Low mass: 59 g
• Low power: (nominal) < 700 mW
• Outer dimensions: 29 x 29 x 70.7 mm

Please refer to the document.
IM200 flyer v2.1