PM200 Propulsion module
HT_PM200_v2.0 flyer


PM200 Propulsion module

Hyperion Technologies

The PM200 is a bi-propellant propulsion module offered in partnership with Dawn Aerospace. It is intended for use in 3-6U CubeSats and allows manoeuvres of up to 230 m/s to be performed utilizing non-toxic propellants (nitrous oxide and propene) in a self-pressurizing configuration.
Low system complexity and zero propellant toxicity allow for simple and robust operations, both on the ground and when in orbit. The medium tank pressure and high storage density of liquid propellants enables high safety factor tanks to be used with little mass penalty.
The standard configuration with a 1U propulsion module can be configured to suit any CubeSat structure and features an I²C or RS422/RS485 compliant interface.
Through the use of additive manufacturing, the system is highly customizable. Design parameters such as total system delta-V, interface style and thrust direction can be changed on request and adapted to an existing CubeSat architecture.
The PM200 can be seamlessly integrated with Hyperion Technologies’ line of integrated attitude determination and control systems to provide a fully integrated GNC and ADCS solution.

• Nominal thrust 0.5 N
• Specific impulse > 285 s
• ΔV (3U CubeSat) > 230 m/s
• Minimum impulse bit 35 mN.s
• Maximum impulse bit 5 N.s
• Repeatability (3 σ) +/- 5 mN.s
• Power requirement (firing) < 12 W
• Power requirement (sleep) < 0.1 W
• Storability > 5 years
• Ready to fire seconds after wake-up
• No measured thruster degradation
• Integrated thruster management system

Please refer to the document.
HT_PM200_v2.0 flyer