Brief Description
REGULUS is an electric propulsion unit for nano, microsats and cubesats carriers (from 6U to 150 kg). REGULUS core technology is the Magnetic Enhanced Plasma Thruster (MEPT). Its robustness and reliability are a key, as it does not require grids, cathodes immersed in plasma and neutralizers.
Moreover, REGULUS is versatile (very low delta development activities in case of specific customizations) and can work with different propellants. The current qualified version works with Iodine, resulting in a compact and unpressurized tank. Conceived to be “Plug & Play” to avoid difficult integration procedures within the satellite platform, REGULUS is built with standard data, power and mechanical interfaces and without relying on space-grade qualified components to reduce its recurring costs. REGULUS has been developed following ESA ECSS Space Engineering Standards. REGULUS is now TRL8 and will reach TRL9 in September 2020.

Key features and benefits:
• The Magnetically Enhanced RF Plasma Thruster is throttleable and easily scalable technology. It allows recurrent costs reduction.
• Absence of electrodes/grids and neutralizer, no elements exposed to plasma: high Delta-V missions with long lifetime, enabling of different, new mission scenarios and interplanetary flights. Low production costs, easy reconfiguration, multi propellant utilization.
• Versatile technology: flexibility to adapt to different mission scenarios and match customers’ needs.
• Use of solid high-density Iodine propellant: important volume reduction, easy and safe transportation and integration, no pressurized gas. Non-limited propellant utilization.
• Plug and Play solution: all-in-one propulsion unit and standard interfaces with the platform, therefore easily integrated without complex engineering procedures, requires only signal and power inputs.
High total Delta-V missions requiring multiple maneuvers as in-track and cross-track maneuvers, orbit phasing, proximity operations, drag compensation (operations in VLEO), debris avoidance, decommissioning.

Main Specifications:
Thrust: 0.25 – 0.65mN (0.55mN @ 50W)
Specific Impulse: Up to 650s (550s @ 50W)
Total Impulse: 3000-11000 Ns (up to allowed tank size)
Required power: 20 - 60W (50W nominal)
Mass flow: 0.1 mg/s
Propellant: Solid Iodine (I2)
Volume: 93.8 x 95.0 x 150.0 mm (@ 3000 Ns), 93.8 x 95.0 x 200.0 mm (@ 11000 Ns)
Weight: 2.5 kg @ 3000 Ns

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