SAT12U CubeSat Platform
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SAT12U CubeSat Platform

Hyperion Technologies

The SAT series of CubeSat-platforms is a collaboration between Hyperion Technologies and GTM Advanced Structures for large CubeSat platforms up to 36U.
Next to the shown 12U model the SAT platform is also available in sizes of 6U, 24U and 36U as well as customer specific size.
By default the SAT12U platform includes structural hard points that allow mounting standard stacks of PC104 CubeSat components in any orientation, at any location.
This allows for easy installation of the complementarily available solar panels, attitude determination and control, and propulsion systems.
While offering these standard interfaces the system also allows for custom designed non-CubeSat internals such as larger payloads with high stiffness requirements.
All external panels are individually removable, allowing easy access for integration, assembly and testing activities.
The external panels include shielding capability that can be tailored to optimize component lifetime in the flight regime of choice.

• Rigid 12U structure
• Deployable solar panels
• Easy access through removable panels
• Radiation shielded walls
• Maximum flexibility for payload installation
• Compatible with 12U dispensers
• Ready for all Hyperion bus components:
o Propulsion
o Processing

Please refer to the document.
HT_SAT12U_v2.0 flyer