One Stop Solution Service Platform in Space Industry

Space is the last frontier for the humankind. Now that the public and private sector’s initiatives in space are rapidly accelerating, the hurdle for people to take part in space industry is decreasing. Promotion of new businesses through cross-industry collaboration, and development of innovative technology will bring the realm of space “closer”. Space BD provides a wide range of services to promote new challenges and endeavours in the space industry.


New Business Development

We facilitate new business model development, strategy planning, market and various investigations for companies seeking to establish a new business, as well as for space start-up companies in early growth phase.

Project Management Support

We conduct project management functions for various space-related projects to ensure effective and smooth project delivery.

Global Expansion Support

We provide wide range of services for overseas business expansion, export of products and services, establishment of overseas manufacturing base, tackling from all angles, such as investigation, relationship building, project management, etc.


By utilising the know-hows and expertise accumulated from functioning as the “problem-solving” portal for space industry, we aim to promote a wide variety of projects related to space.

We provide the perfect opportunity to utilize space that's catered to our customers' needs, such as project concept, schedule, and cost. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.