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Automatic Packet Reporting System/AIS/ADS-B

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APRS(Automatic Packet Reporting System)enables real-time repeat* or forward positioning and data of ground tracking equipments, such as vehicles, animals, etc.
AIS(Automatic Identification System)receiver picks up vessels position that use an AIS A/B channels transponder.
ADS-B(Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast)technology which enables aircrafts to determine their position via satellite and then broadcast it.
This information can be received by Cubesat which enables aircrafts to be tracked.

*Real-time repeat: This optional function is disabled. The packet data real time repeater function is determined by frequency coordination and project application.

Triple-A (APRS/AIS/ADS-B)payload module effectively tracks and collects a large number of land and sea(surface )objects, as well as collects traffic information for commercial airliners(aerial), to achieve acquisition of APRS/AIS/ADS-B data globally.

The Triple-A(APRS/AIS/ADS-B)payloads ”Real Time Repeater”/”Store & Forwarding” applications are:
♦ APRS- Vehicle and vessels positioning with data collection
♦ APRS- Ecological & seismic/tracking & detection: birds, animals, landslides
♦ APRS- Ocean windmills, widespread area power grid management
♦ AIS- Sea surface drifts, ocean current tracking and tide wave change monitoring
♦ ADS-B- Receiving Latitude, longitude, altitude and direction information with ICAO codes
♦ ADS-B- Space-based flight information enables broad coverage areas compensating geographic obstacles; flexible, responsive flight data for advanced air
traffic controls

Payload Specification:
General Specification:
●Power Supply: 5V
●Power Consumption: 800mW.
●Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
●Temperature Sensor
●Dimension: PC104 size compatible

APRS Specification:
●Receive Sensitivity: -126 dBm
●RX Frequency: 140-175MHz/400-480MHz
●TX Power: 30/27 dbm(optional)
●Modulation Scheme: FSK
●Data Rates: AX.25 1200bps
●RF connector: IPX
●Data Interface: UART TTL standalone.

AIS Receiver Specification:
●Function: AIS Class A and B
●Frequency: 161.975/162.025MHz
●Data Rate: 38,400bps
●Receive Sensitivity: -116 dBm
●RF connector: IPX
●Data Interface: UART TTL standalone

ADS-B Receiver Specification:
●Dual frequency receiver for 897MHz-UAT and 1090MHz ADS-B
●RF Sensitivity: >-95dBm
●Data Interface: UART TTL standalone 57600bps standalone.
●RF Connector: IPX

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