Cubesat structures

Next Generation CubeSat Frame MBF

Ishitoshi Machining Inc.

●CubeSat standard compliant frame
●Manufactured by machining aluminum block
●Compatible with J-SSOD and J-POD
●Flexibly manufactured depending on size, weight and rigidity

【Common specification】
●Material: Aluminum alloy(A7075, A6061, A5052, etc.)

●MPN: MBF-Cube-1U
- Dimensions: 100*100*113.5mm
- Weight: 100g~

●MPN: MBF-Cube-2U
- Dimensions: 100*100*227mm
- Weight: 200g~

●MPN: MBF-Cube-3U
- Dimensions: 100*100*340.5mm
- Weight: 300g~
JA2018_Next Gen CubeSat Frame.pdf
CubeSat Frame 1U Image.png
CubeSat Frame 3U Image.png