Power supply system

Power Control Unit for Micro Satellite


 AXPHDY-PCU is a power control device optimum for micro satellites, which requires up to 200W of power, combines the battery control and the control of power generation from solar panels.
 It is equipped with automatic MPPT control by analog circuit configuration that is conscious of radiation resistance, and has the function of monitoring voltage, current, and temperature. 
 In addition, PCUs can be controlled from OBCs (On Board Computers)via RS422/485.
 The digital control unit and the analog control unit are characterized by high noise resistance performance, with the GND isolated by the isolation circuit.

◆ Automatic power supply function by analog timer for radio and OBC.
◆ Battery overcharge protection
◆ UVC/overcurrent trip control function for connected devices
◆ OBC telecommunication function in RS422/485 (commands reception & control, and telemetry transmission)
◆ Fully electrically isolated configuration of the analog and digital sections
◆ MPPT function that operates with only analog circuits
◆ High-efficiency digitally controlled MPPT function (Extended function, it is not implemented at the time of purchase. Please contact us for installation.)
◆ Various current and voltage monitors with up to 12 bits
◆ Complete double redundant circuit configuration

◆ Battery I/F  Max.3ch, +22V~+33V, Max 4A (Discharge)
◆ Solar Cells  Max.6ch, +44~+55V, Max 3.6A
◆ Inhibit circuit  3 (HOT Line : 2 / RTN Line : 1)
◆ Flight-Pin  2
◆ Output Line  9ch (Power distribution circuit)
◆ Battery heater Line  2ch
◆ Communication I/F  RS422/485 : 2ch | Reset : 3Line
◆ Size  206mm×215mm×110mm (Some errors occur during manufacturing)
◆ Weight  1.5kg (Some errors occur during manufacturing)
◆ Number of connectors  10