Flyer ST-200

ST-200 Miniaturised Autonomous Star Tracker

Berlin Space Technologies

ST-200 is
●one of the world‘s smallest and lightest autonomous star tracker
●a cornerstone for your AdCs with 30 arc second accuracy
●suitable for low cost missions
●redundant configurations available

●Size: 30 x 30 x 38.4 mm^3 (w/o baffle)
●Mass: 50g mm^3 (w/o baffle)
●Power: 220mW/ 650mW (nominal/peak)
●Supply Voltage: 3.5-5V
●Interface: UART (I2C, RS485, USB optional)
●Operating Temp.: -20 to +40 °C
●Attitude Knowledge (pitch/yaw): 30 arcsec (3sigma)
●Attitude Knowledge (roll): 200arcsec (3sigma)
●Update Rate: up to 5Hz
●Baffle available (standard baffle 16°x16° FOV; Customization possible)
Flyer ST-200