Command data handling systems

CubeSat Command & Data Bundle

Innovative Solutions in Space(ISIS)

All the hardware you need for command and data handling: send telecommand to and receive telemetry from the iOBC using ISIS TRXVU, antenna system, and RF support equipment.

1. ISIS On Board Computer
The IOBC is a flight qualified, high-performance processing unit based around an ARM9 processor with a speed of 400 MHz.

2. Crossed Dipole Antenna
This system provides a CubeSat with the optimal transmission quality and system reliability for a minimum space.

3. ISIS VHF uplink/UHF downlink Full Duplex Transceiver
A full duplex communication system for CubeSat TT&C applications that can operate in commercial and amateur bands of the VHF/UHF frequency spectrum.

4. RF checkout box
A short range, low power software defined ground station that allows you to communicate to your CubeSat over an RF link in the lab.
Dipole Antenna System-Brochure-v1
Dipole Antenna System-Option-Sheet-for-REVD
ISIS Onboard Computer-Brochure-v1
ISIS Onboard Computer-Option-Sheet-for-REV-B_v1.0
ISIS VHF uplink_UHF downlink Full Duplex Transceiver-Brochure-v1-1
ISIS VHF uplink_UHF downlink Full Duplex Transceiver-Option-Sheet-for-REVBx_v1.0