RAD-HARD Dual 500Mbps Bus LVDS Transceiver


ARQUIMEA ARQ-LVT001 is a Dual BiCMOS flowthrough
differential line driver-receiver pair designed
for aerospace applications requiring high data rates
and low-power dissipation. The device is designed to
support data rates above 500 Mbps utilizing Low
Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology.

▪ Dual drivers, LVCMOS/LVTTL compatible inputs
with LVDS outputs
▪ Dual receivers, LVDS inputs with LVCMOS/LVTTL
compatible outputs
▪ 500.0 Mbps low jitter data path
▪ 3.3V single power supply
▪ Low power consumption
▪ 6mA output driver short circuit (OUT+, OUT−)
▪ Cold sparing on all pins
▪ 2ns Propagation delay in temperature range
▪ Extended LVDS Input Common Mode [-4; +5] V
RAD-HARD Dual 500Mbps Bus LVDS Transceiver