TOTEM SDR - Nanosatellite SDR Platform

Alén Space

TOTEM is a flight proven high performance SDR platform designed for nanosatellites. An embedded Linux and a wide frequency range transceiver allow the user to fully cover most used nanosatellite frequency bands and quickly deploy multiple communication applications designed by the user, including those already developed by Alén Space: IoT/M2M, ADS-B, AIS, DVB-S2, Spectrum Monitoring.
TOTEM includes the control unit and the RF transceiver with several RF ports for reception and transmission. An external RF frontend, with the amplifiers for each RF port used, must be integrated as a piggyback board. Alén Space also commercialize a flight proven UHF Frontend covering 400MHz or 430MHz bands fully compatible with TOTEM.

【SDR Motherboard】
・Wideband transceiver
 ◦ 70 MHz - 6 GHz
 ◦ Up to 56 MHz bandwidth
 ◦ 2 x TX and 3 x RX ports
・RF frontend as a piggyback board
 ◦ Regulated 5V and 3.3V.
 ◦ Multiple GPIOs and DACs/ADCs available
・Multiple Interface: Ethernet, UART, JTAG, I2C, CAN
・Linux operating system
・2x 4Gb DDR3L
・8 Gb NAND Flash
・4 Mb MRAM (SPI controlled)
・Physical properties
 ◦ Dimensions : 89.3 mm x 93.3 mm
 ◦ Mass: 130 g (shielding included)
 ◦ PC104 Space standard
・Power supply: 5V
 ◦ 2.1W at TX mode
 ◦ 1.85W at RX mode
 ◦ 1.4W at stand-by mode
・Operational temperature: -40ºC to 85 ºC

【SDR + UHF frontend platform】
・RF characteristics
 ◦ 30dBm transmission power.
 ◦ 395MHz - 410MHz band (400MHz version)
 ◦ 430MHz - 440MHz band (430MHz version)
・Power consumption
 ◦ 5W @ 30dBm transmission output power
 ◦ ≺2W reception mode
 ◦ 1.4W frontend OFF
・Mass: 155g (Shieldings included)
・Operational temperature: -30ºC to 85 ºC
TOTEM SDR Spec Sheet