Lema Linear Electro-Magnetic Actuator


Lema Linear Electro-Magnetic Actuator

Spacemanic s.r.o.

LEMA series actuators were developed for attitude control of the 1U CubeSat skCUBE. Actuators are designed for the smallest possible coercivity HC. Cores of the coils are made from modern amorphous materials with almost zero HC and linear magnetization curve.
Mechanical parameters can be adjusted for the maximalpossible length with respect to the frame capacity of the CubeSat (for example as they were custom-made for skCUBE – the first Slovak satellite).
The coil maximumcontrol current is 200mA. The transfer curve of the actuator is linear in this range, which gives the actuator maximum energy efficiency.

・ Core cross-section 8 [mm²]
・Core length 70 [mm]
・Coil overall diameter 10 [mm]
・Coil length 70 [mm]
・Coil cap on demand
・Core + coil weight 76 [g] each
・RDC ( ±2,5% ) 6,8 [Ω]
・IMAX 200 [mA]
・UMAX 1,36 [V]
・Wire diameter 0,3 [mm]
・Connection solder pin / on demand

The coil resistance depends on Power System Unit specification and battery capacity.

Please refer to the document.