Attitude and orbit control systems

iADCS200 Attitude Determination and Control System

Hyperion Technologies

The iADCS200 is a fully autonomous integrated ADCS system aimed at small satellites with a 3U-CubeSat form factor or similar.
It is a joint development of Hyperion Technologies B.V. and Berlin Space Technologies GmbH. The iADCS200 is based on the ST200 star tracker, complemented with RW210 series reaction wheels, and MTQ200 series magnetorquers.
The iADCS200 features an internal fire-and-forget controller, which frees up the host processor’s workload, providing nadir, sun and target-pointing modes, as well as backup detumbling and intentional spin modes.
The iADCS200 is delivered with a PC104- compatible footprint, consuming the space of 2 standard CubeSat PCB’s, or a total of 0.3 U. The CubeSat connector is fed through, allowing designers to place this system anywhere in the CubeSat stack.

• Fully autonomous, highly integrated attitude determination and control system, including built-in ST200 Star Tracker, 3 orthogonal RW210-series reaction wheels, MTQ200-series magnetorquers and built-in IMU
• Total momentum storage per axis: +/-1.5 up to +/- 6.0 mN.m.s. One reaction wheel per axis
• Maximum torque: 0.1 mN.m
• Three-axis magnetorquer configuration with up to 0.4 A.m² of magnetic dipole moment
• External interface for 6 or more sun sensors
• Fire-and-forget control
• Standard I 2C-compatible interface. RS422, RS485 and UART are optional
• Plug-and-play ready design
• Primary components passed radiation tolerance testing up to 45 krad
• Built in pointing modes: Target pointing, sun pointing, nadir pointing, fast spin mode (max 200° using magnetorquers) and de-tumbling
• Low mass: 400g (with RW210.15 reaction wheels)
• Low power (nominal): 1.4W
• Outer dimensions: 95 x 90 x 32mm

Please refer to the document.
HT_iADCS200 Attitude_v2.0 flyer