Attitude and orbit control systems

RS100 - Reaction Sphere

Tensor Tech

One Reaction Sphere unit can achieve the same function as three traditional reaction wheels, but in nearly 1/3 of the volume, cost, weight, and power consumption. Its max. angular momentum and max. torque can be customized for CubeSats ranging from 1.5U, 2U, 3U, to 6U. In terms of rotational dynamics, this motor functions like a variable-speed, single-gimbal Control Moment Gyro (CMG); but is actuated by a spherical motor. Moreover, this motor has three magnetorquers in X, Y, and Z axes equipped. With this device, you can control the orientation of your CubeSat like 3 traditional single-axis reaction wheels and 3three magnetorquers do. However, the weight, size, and power consumption are lower.

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