Attitude and orbit control systems

SS200 Sun sensor

Hyperion Technologies

The SS200 is a small-size, low-mass and low-power sun sensor for use in satellites.
The sampling rate is adjustable, allowing the user to trade bandwidth against power consumption.
The SS200 can be seamlessly integrated with Hyperion Technologies’ line of integrated attitude determination and control systems to provide a fully integrated ADCS solution.
The SS200 has a field of view of up to 110 degrees to allow for a smooth transition between the measurement ranges of two sun sensors on adjacent faces of the satellite.
The SS200 delivers below 1 degree accuracy in the +/-45 degree range, and is calibrated on delivery.

• Mass: 3 g
• Power consumption (active) 2.5-40 mW
• Sampling rate up to: 100 Hz
• Accuracy (+/- 45°) <1°
• Total field of view 110 °
• I2C-compatible interface

Please refer to the document.
HT_SS200_v2.0 flyer