Attitude and orbit control systems

ISIS Magnetorquer Board

Innovative Solutions in Space(ISIS)

The ISIS MagneTorQuer board (iMTQ) is a PCB based 3-axis magnetic system. It is designed to provide maximum flexibility in placing actuators and magnetometer in a CubeSat structure. Providing actuation of 0.2Am2, the system can be placed in a stack or in between stacks in ISIS cubesat structures.

●Three-axis magnetometer
●Three actuators; two torque rods and one air core torque.
●Current sensors for each torque
●Temperature telemetry of actuators
●Nominal 0.2Am2 actuation per actuator
●Suitable to detumble up to 12U (~24kg) CubeSats
 -CubeSat detumbling & magnetic attitude control
 -Reaction wheel desaturation
●I2C control allows for use in any CubeSat bus
●Compatible with PC-104 mechanical interface
●Compatible with most CubeSat structures
ISIS Magnetorquer Board-Option-Sheet-for-iMTQv2
ISIS Magnetorquer Board-Brochure-v1